You’re Old, Dad

My dad is getting older and has recently retired from the workforce. He is a sociable man who loves to talk. In the past few years, his hearing has gotten worse, and he spends a lot of time asking people to repeat themselves or totally missing out on what someone said. This is frustrating to say the least. When I call him on the phone, he can’t hear me, yet he still answers the thing when he hears it ring. I fuss at him constantly. Why does he need a cell phone if he can’t hear the person calling him? Why does he answer it? Why won’t he go get hearing aids Stockport?

My sister and I cut out ads from the local newspaper for specials the local audiologist runs, but Dad just laughs when we give them to him. We are so frustrated that he doesn’t want to solve his problem.

The Office Icon

As CEO of a company, I am in meetings several times a day. This fast pace makes me heated; so I look to my valued office assistant to keep me intact.

An assistant like no other, none compares to the air conditioner. I idolize it for the relief its Manchester air conditioning brings. Affectionately named, The Office Icon, it earns its title loyally.

Heed this warning, however; this loyal assistant needs occasional TLC.

The air conditioner’s scheduled maintenance was due just when prospective clients were coming to town. The summer heat was at its peak upon their arrival. The conference room was set including an elaborate buffet with chocolate éclairs and ice cold beverages at each place setting.

With chocolate dripping onto the carpet and moisture from melting ice smearing the ink on meeting agendas, we realized The Office Icon’s TLC never occurred; a hard lesson well learned!

Living A Cleaner Life

I always scoffed at people when they talked about why it is important to take care of the environment. However, my thoughts recently changed. I watched a documentary that talked about how what is happening with the environment can also have an effect on our health. That is why I am committed to living a cleaner life.

I recently purchased a water filtration media because I want to drink purer and cleaner water. I have also started recycling. Recycling not only helps protect the environment, but it also helps people save money. Furthermore, I am educating other people about the importance of caring for the environment. I believe that I have a responsibility to educate other people about the environment. I speak at schools and seminars to both children and adults. I have spoken at over 20 events and am looking forward to speaking at more events.

Doing the Job I Love

I love to help people relax. I love to help an individual turn away from the stress that is a part of their life and move on to something new. I love to give those who are a part of my life the chance to forget their troubles. I work in the area of thai massage Manchester, and I am happy to do all of the work that is given to me. I am eager to help every individual who comes to see me. The work that I do is good work and it is work that changes lives. I love my job and I love having the chance to help those who come into my life. I do not know what I would do if I could not do what I do now.

Quartz Epoxy Resin

As a contractor I have a lot of fine cracks to fill. So I started using silica flour, you may know it as Quartz. The other day Lady asked. “why do your have to wear a mask while mixing Silica into the resin.” So I told them. “Don’t worry it’s perfectly safe as long as it’s not inhaled. Otherwise it can lead to serious health issues but once it dries you won’t be able to inhale it.” They seemed happy with this answer so I continued my work. A few minutes later with a small trash bag of toothpaste and soaps so I asked. “What are you doing with all that?” She held out the trash bag. “Its all the stuff I have with Silica in it, I’m worried I’ll inhale it so feel free to use them on other projects.” I smiled catching the sarcasm. Since then I’ve been thinking about what she said and how much we ingest through everyday items. It made me start thinking if swallowing toothpaste with Silica in it lead to current health issues, maybe I don’t really need to wear a mask at this point.

When the sun came up

I was in Thailand on a business trip. We were late that night, partying with members of my company. We were celebrating a deal we had closed. There were drinks going around and dancing and singing and pretty soon I couldn’t even tell which way was up or what language we were speaking. So crazy. It was half past two when Jordon suggested getting a Liverpool thai massage. He made the suggestion sound sleazy, greasy, like we should expect more than a massage. I laughed and agreed. It was 2 am, who was going to even be open? Well, it turns out the place next door was. Happy sunrise, or something like that. We went in, all six of us, and we watched in horror as Jordon ambled up to the counter. With some heavy handed insinuations he ordered the massages. Turns out 2am rub-downs aren’t what you’d expect, even in Thailand.

Be Careful Doing the Right Thing

Swifty’s girlfriend was environmentally conscious, recognizing that her recycling efforts could go a long way towards helping keep nature clean and sustainable.

Recognizing that Swifty was new to the recycling effort, she had pointed out her recycling bins to him, asking for his help this day, as the bins were currently empty, due to be picked up the next day.

Recycled glass media in one bin. Paper and plastic in the their own respective bins, he was told.

Satisfied things were understood, she left for awhile. Swifty decided to start with the glass bin first.

Swifty, recognizing the number of glass containers would far exceed the size of the bin, thought that breaking the glass first, then putting the glass shards in the bin might enable him to get all the glass in the bin.

The first bottle shattered, cutting his hand. Lesson- don’t break glass due to be recycled.

Halloween Night

On Halloween night many people dress up and go out and have fun. What happens if the dead came alive and walked among us in costumes themselves? Certain people can be a bridal makeup artist Manchester and just go to the cemetery, any cemetery, and just knock thrice on a head stone to make someone come up from the dead. Now only one head stone can be knocked on at one time and only on Halloween. When the person comes up from the dead and dreary coffin they can be covered with make up to blend in with the others that are out having fun. With a very old cemetery that the head stones are not very readable, you better make sure not to wake up a mad man. Those are the worst and you maybe hurt in the path of revenge. Everyone needs to be back in their “coffin home” by midnight or they may disappear from their family’s memory.