The Sound of Music

I recently went to my cousin’s wedding, and they had an amazing ceremony and reception. I have another cousin who plays the violin, so she was their wedding violinist. She was amazing. She reminded me of Lindsey Stirling, a professional violinist who plays beautifully. Everyone was dancing at the reception and my cousin played on. The wedding ceremony was obviously different music from the reception, but my cousin kept up with the tempo and beat with no problems. Some people picture a violinist as boring and playing something that is very classical when in reality some of them can keep up with the best guitarist. Playing the violin is not an easy task. I took violin lessons when I was a child, and it was not for me. I had zero interest, and I was pretty terrible, so that was not my calling. My cousin had the talent for it though, and she absolutely used it to the best of her ability.

We All Adapt

Early in my sobriety, I reluctantly ducked into a China Town dive bar called The Forbidden Lotus to wait out the rain. In the far corner, lit by a dim green spotlight, a band comprising a guitarist, an electric violinist and a drummer, were cruising through a bluegrass rendition of Eddie Money’s ‘Baby Hold On To Me.’ A standup bass leaned in the corner behind the drum set.

I went to the bar and ordered an O’doul’s. A little person next to me asked if I wanted to play pool. I accepted and he dragged his stool with him to the table and stood on it whenever he shot. He beat me just as the Eddie Money song ended and said, ‘that’s my cue.’ He dragged his stool with him onto the stage, climbed atop it, and reached back for the standup bass. The band launched into The Police’s ‘Roxanne.’

Unexpected Love

The holiday of love was imminent, Valentine’s Day loomed on the horizon offering excitement for those with a significant other yet extraordinarily lonesome for others. Jeff was a single guy who firmly believed that love would come to him in due time, the fact that he was 35 had yet to discourage him. His only annual Valentine’s Day tradition was to send the only woman in his life, his mother, flowers. Rather than order online Jeff decided to visit the florist Harrogate in person to fill his space of empty time. The lady behind the counter was about his age, maybe a few years older, no wedding ring, and a friendly smile. She kindly asked who the roses were for, he replied promptly. There was a moment of awkward silence before the woman inquired as to his holiday plans. Jeff knew this was it, love at first sight.

New Orleans Jazz

I had never heard jazz music before my visit to New Orleans this past summer, so I never knew what I was missing. The upbeat tones, swinging melodies and, of course, that great sound of the saxophone player all come together to produce some of the most wonderful music I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.

A few friends and I had traveled down to New Orleans for a wedding, and decided to stay for a few days afterward to soak up the local culture. We spoke to some of the local business owners to get an idea of what we should do before heading back home. Each one of them had the same advice for us, check out the jazz festival a few miles away from our hotel. That was some of the best advice I’ve ever taken.

Having Trouble Hearing?

Sometimes hearing can be obstructed by something as simple as it is wax. Earwax can build up in our ears over time, in an effort to protect our ears from too much debris getting into them. Although earwax is a protection method of the ear, it can also be problematic, and even gross. If you don’t clean your ears regularly, they will have too much build up, and can cause hearing distortion, as well as a waxy mess.

When you choose to do Stockport ear wax removal, you can do this by several methods. A cotton swab is the standard way of removing ear wax, but a suction device can also work. Some people even use their fingers to dig into their ears, but your finger can only go down so far. A suction device is the best choice when cleaning the ears, as it can remove excess wax, and completely clean the ears.

You’re Old, Dad

My dad is getting older and has recently retired from the workforce. He is a sociable man who loves to talk. In the past few years, his hearing has gotten worse, and he spends a lot of time asking people to repeat themselves or totally missing out on what someone said. This is frustrating to say the least. When I call him on the phone, he can’t hear me, yet he still answers the thing when he hears it ring. I fuss at him constantly. Why does he need a cell phone if he can’t hear the person calling him? Why does he answer it? Why won’t he go get hearing aids Stockport?

My sister and I cut out ads from the local newspaper for specials the local audiologist runs, but Dad just laughs when we give them to him. We are so frustrated that he doesn’t want to solve his problem.

The Office Icon

As CEO of a company, I am in meetings several times a day. This fast pace makes me heated; so I look to my valued office assistant to keep me intact.

An assistant like no other, none compares to the air conditioner. I idolize it for the relief its Manchester air conditioning brings. Affectionately named, The Office Icon, it earns its title loyally.

Heed this warning, however; this loyal assistant needs occasional TLC.

The air conditioner’s scheduled maintenance was due just when prospective clients were coming to town. The summer heat was at its peak upon their arrival. The conference room was set including an elaborate buffet with chocolate éclairs and ice cold beverages at each place setting.

With chocolate dripping onto the carpet and moisture from melting ice smearing the ink on meeting agendas, we realized The Office Icon’s TLC never occurred; a hard lesson well learned!

Halloween Night

On Halloween night many people dress up and go out and have fun. What happens if the dead came alive and walked among us in costumes themselves? Certain people can be a bridal makeup artist Manchester and just go to the cemetery, any cemetery, and just knock thrice on a head stone to make someone come up from the dead. Now only one head stone can be knocked on at one time and only on Halloween. When the person comes up from the dead and dreary coffin they can be covered with make up to blend in with the others that are out having fun. With a very old cemetery that the head stones are not very readable, you better make sure not to wake up a mad man. Those are the worst and you maybe hurt in the path of revenge. Everyone needs to be back in their “coffin home” by midnight or they may disappear from their family’s memory.