The Office Icon

As CEO of a company, I am in meetings several times a day. This fast pace makes me heated; so I look to my valued office assistant to keep me intact.

An assistant like no other, none compares to the air conditioner. I idolize it for the relief its Manchester air conditioning brings. Affectionately named, The Office Icon, it earns its title loyally.

Heed this warning, however; this loyal assistant needs occasional TLC.

The air conditioner’s scheduled maintenance was due just when prospective clients were coming to town. The summer heat was at its peak upon their arrival. The conference room was set including an elaborate buffet with chocolate éclairs and ice cold beverages at each place setting.

With chocolate dripping onto the carpet and moisture from melting ice smearing the ink on meeting agendas, we realized The Office Icon’s TLC never occurred; a hard lesson well learned!

Living A Cleaner Life

I always scoffed at people when they talked about why it is important to take care of the environment. However, my thoughts recently changed. I watched a documentary that talked about how what is happening with the environment can also have an effect on our health. That is why I am committed to living a cleaner life.

I recently purchased a water filtration media because I want to drink purer and cleaner water. I have also started recycling. Recycling not only helps protect the environment, but it also helps people save money. Furthermore, I am educating other people about the importance of caring for the environment. I believe that I have a responsibility to educate other people about the environment. I speak at schools and seminars to both children and adults. I have spoken at over 20 events and am looking forward to speaking at more events.