You’re Old, Dad

My dad is getting older and has recently retired from the workforce. He is a sociable man who loves to talk. In the past few years, his hearing has gotten worse, and he spends a lot of time asking people to repeat themselves or totally missing out on what someone said. This is frustrating to say the least. When I call him on the phone, he can’t hear me, yet he still answers the thing when he hears it ring. I fuss at him constantly. Why does he need a cell phone if he can’t hear the person calling him? Why does he answer it? Why won’t he go get hearing aids Stockport?

My sister and I cut out ads from the local newspaper for specials the local audiologist runs, but Dad just laughs when we give them to him. We are so frustrated that he doesn’t want to solve his problem.

Doing the Job I Love

I love to help people relax. I love to help an individual turn away from the stress that is a part of their life and move on to something new. I love to give those who are a part of my life the chance to forget their troubles. I work in the area of thai massage Manchester, and I am happy to do all of the work that is given to me. I am eager to help every individual who comes to see me. The work that I do is good work and it is work that changes lives. I love my job and I love having the chance to help those who come into my life. I do not know what I would do if I could not do what I do now.

When the sun came up

I was in Thailand on a business trip. We were late that night, partying with members of my company. We were celebrating a deal we had closed. There were drinks going around and dancing and singing and pretty soon I couldn’t even tell which way was up or what language we were speaking. So crazy. It was half past two when Jordon suggested getting a Liverpool thai massage. He made the suggestion sound sleazy, greasy, like we should expect more than a massage. I laughed and agreed. It was 2 am, who was going to even be open? Well, it turns out the place next door was. Happy sunrise, or something like that. We went in, all six of us, and we watched in horror as Jordon ambled up to the counter. With some heavy handed insinuations he ordered the massages. Turns out 2am rub-downs aren’t what you’d expect, even in Thailand.