Be Careful Doing the Right Thing

Swifty’s girlfriend was environmentally conscious, recognizing that her recycling efforts could go a long way towards helping keep nature clean and sustainable.

Recognizing that Swifty was new to the recycling effort, she had pointed out her recycling bins to him, asking for his help this day, as the bins were currently empty, due to be picked up the next day.

Recycled glass media in one bin. Paper and plastic in the their own respective bins, he was told.

Satisfied things were understood, she left for awhile. Swifty decided to start with the glass bin first.

Swifty, recognizing the number of glass containers would far exceed the size of the bin, thought that breaking the glass first, then putting the glass shards in the bin might enable him to get all the glass in the bin.

The first bottle shattered, cutting his hand. Lesson- don’t break glass due to be recycled.