Quartz Epoxy Resin

As a contractor I have a lot of fine cracks to fill. So I started using silica flour, you may know it as Quartz. The other day Lady asked. “why do your have to wear a mask while mixing Silica into the resin.” So I told them. “Don’t worry it’s perfectly safe as long as it’s not inhaled. Otherwise it can lead to serious health issues but once it dries you won’t be able to inhale it.” They seemed happy with this answer so I continued my work. A few minutes later with a small trash bag of toothpaste and soaps so I asked. “What are you doing with all that?” She held out the trash bag. “Its all the stuff I have with Silica in it, I’m worried I’ll inhale it so feel free to use them on other projects.” I smiled catching the sarcasm. Since then I’ve been thinking about what she said and how much we ingest through everyday items. It made me start thinking if swallowing toothpaste with Silica in it lead to current health issues, maybe I don’t really need to wear a mask at this point.