When the sun came up

I was in Thailand on a business trip. We were late that night, partying with members of my company. We were celebrating a deal we had closed. There were drinks going around and dancing and singing and pretty soon I couldn’t even tell which way was up or what language we were speaking. So crazy. It was half past two when Jordon suggested getting a Liverpool thai massage. He made the suggestion sound sleazy, greasy, like we should expect more than a massage. I laughed and agreed. It was 2 am, who was going to even be open? Well, it turns out the place next door was. Happy sunrise, or something like that. We went in, all six of us, and we watched in horror as Jordon ambled up to the counter. With some heavy handed insinuations he ordered the massages. Turns out 2am rub-downs aren’t what you’d expect, even in Thailand.